Playing with a cheap ($10) logic analyzer

A long time ago I ordered (eBay) and recieved a very cheap logic analyzer (it came out to be a Saleae clone). I havent really played with it enough, but I decided to test it.

It connects to PC via mini(!)-USB cable, and has 8 (+2 gnd) pins on the opposite end. The label marks it as a 24MHz 8 channel analyzer. I’ve connected it to a USB->RS232 adapter (from an old mini/nano Arduino kit).

Logic connection

I expected it needed some weird Chinese software, but it worked with original software from Saleae (which is nice).

Screenshot with data already captured

Capturing data is also very easy – the only two options are sample rate and data capture duration.

Data capture options
Data capture options

After the capture timer is over, the program shows logical levels on a time graph (first screenshot) – it does not seem to autodetect the protocol used. After selecting the protocol and protocol options (mainly the correct pin/s) it also decodes the actual data (“test123” in this case).

Supported protocol decoders
Supported protocol decoders
Async serial options
Async serial options

As it can be seen on the first screenshot, it correctly decoded the data sent via the RS232 adapter.

For $10, it’s a great toy. It probably has some timing/sync issues, and the casing isn’t that great, but for that little money, who cares!

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