Browsing the Slovenian vehicle database

Slovenian “National Interoperability Framework” (NIO) published a database with data on every registered vehicle in Slovenia, so I decided to do some fun queries. (Query results are in Slovene, but i will try to translate the most interesting ones)

How many registered vehicles are in Slovenia?

What about different vehicle types?

Common manufacturers (cars only):

Since data entry is done at registration points by hand, you see “MERCEDES BENZ” and “MERCEDES-BENZ”  etc. as different manufacturers.

How many Lamborghinis (all vehicle types, all spellings)?

Nice! Must be alot of rich people here.. but lets check the vehicle type first:

Okay, maybe not. Lets check the not-tractors:

Nice, 4 actual Lamborhini cars.

What about some demographic data – how old are the owners (Starost == age)?

In Slovenia it is legal for a minor to own or inherit a vehicle, but to register it, an adult “user” with the appropriate licence must be assigned.

Which car does to youngest car owner have? (not sure if it’s inherited or a data entry error – age:=1)

How many cars are registered per administrative unit (geographical)?


What about fuel type (gasoline vs diesel vs others)?

Most common engine size/displacement (ccm):


And colors?


I will probably add more queries/results, when I get some new ideas and/or questions.